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Our Community Center at your service.

  • Date: 31 January, 2019

Members and individuals of a community gather for social support, activities conducted by groups, the public information and for many other purposes, at a public location. These public locations are named Community Centers or Community Centres. Sometimes these community centers are open for a particular group within the bigger community or also for the entire community.

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Community Center as our future project

Keeping in view of the importance of a community center, the University of Lahore declared the buildout of a Community Center in Lahore. The University of Lahore is a renowned university located in Lahore in Punjab Pakistan. It is already serving the nation by giving quality educational services to the people of Pakistan. The lease agreement is signed with the University of Lahore. There is no doubt that this project is going to be very successful in the near future.

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Specifications & need of a community Center

The construction of this community center is expected in a few coming months. The community center is expanded on a vast area of 7.77 Kanal. Rooms are well ventilated and wide enough. For a community center to be successful, it is very important that it should be large enough to deal with the countless matters and to fulfill the various purposes for which it is designed. Therefore, we are really hoping that this project is going to be very successful in the near future.
In a community center, the following functions are performed. Though not all of them are performed at a time most of them are completed by the community at the same time. These functions are listed below:

● At various traditions and occasions, all of the community celebrations are done at the community centers.
● In case of serious issues, all important public meetings and gatherings are held at these centers.
● Politicians and their party official leaders also meet with the citizens at these community centers. They do this in order to know their opinions, get their support or ask for their votes. All the election campaigns are held at these centers in a democratic government. In a non-democratic government, other requests are made from the general public.
● The community members and individuals also need to meet for the social purpose at these centers.
● A community center is used as a place for volunteer activities and housing local clubs.
● It also serves as a place to narrate local history.
● The non-government local activities are also arranged and organized at these community centers.
● Sometimes these centers are also utilized to entertain the public. For example, it might be possible that some indoor circus is arranged where the local public pays and get entertained.
● In the case of community tragedies, a community center is a helpful place to get training to face such tragedies and also to recover from such tragedies. So these community centers are extremely useful both for the government and for public purposes.

taimur tariq

Written By: AR. Taimur Tariq

He is a passionate Architect, designer and creative seeker. He believes in the ability of architecture, research and innovative thinking to effect good in the society. His goal is to help better shape the built environment through good ideas and sensible policy.