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Cornerstone School - Your First Choice

  • Date: 31 January, 2019

We all know that school life is very important. A school fulfills a number of aims. This is because students are the founders of society. Schools play an important role to strengthen and improve society. They are actually the productive members of our society.
Therefore, we have announced the development of Cornerstone School (A Project of University Of Lahore)

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Inclusive Education at school

There is a term you might not be familiar with that is Inclusive Education. It means that all of the students who attend the school are warmly welcomed in the appropriate ages. They are supported to learn, attend regular classes and are encouraged to take part in all aspects of school life.

Cornerstone School:

While holding the ideology of Inclusive Education, the Cornerstone School (A Project of University Of Lahore) firmly believes in the fact that each and every student has its own capabilities and qualities. These in turn uplift students’ attainments and achievements. The cornerstone school has signed a lease with the Musa Builders Private Limited in correlation with University of Lahore. The University of Lahore aka UOL is a private university. It is located in Lahore in Punjab Pakistan. The university is well known for its excellence both in teaching and research fields.

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Things you learn at Cornerstone School:

A student will get to know and learn the following things at our school:
● How to deal with things with confidence!
● Importance of socialization
● Teamwork ethics and importance
● Preparation of children for the future
● Information about different subjects
● Inspiration to achieve goals
● How to live in a community!

At Cornerstone School (A Project of University Of Lahore), students will not only gain knowledge but they will also learn various aspects of behavior, character development, and interaction with others. Hence our school is going to play one of the most crucial roles in developing a child’s personality.

Specifications of Cornerstone School:

The Cornerstone school (A Project of University Of Lahore) has an area of about 12.63 kanals. The vast area will help the students to get an education and build their character through different activities in a spacious building. Construction of the cornerstone school is expected in near months, The Cornerstone school (A Project of University Of Lahore) is going to strive and do its best to be a great school. The facilities you will get here will be
● Science Lab
● Food and Nutrition Lab
● Swimming Pool
● Infirmary
● Day Care
● Indoor Play Gym
● Student Locker
● Art Room
● Cafeteria
● ICT Lab
● Gymnasium
● Media Room
● Library
● School Transport

Our Mission Statement:

If we talk about our mission, it is our utmost responsibility to help our students leading a purposeful life, built strong characters and server their nation. We will strive to shape the skills, characters, and abilities of our students so that they would be able to fit into the community in order to create a happy and great world. Nevertheless, it has become possible due to a collaboration between Musa Builders Private Limited and University Of Lahore.

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Written By: AR. Taimur Tariq

He is a passionate Architect, designer and creative seeker. He believes in the ability of architecture, research and innovative thinking to effect good in the society. His goal is to help better shape the built environment through good ideas and sensible policy.