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  • Date: 14 January, 2019

Home; the word that creates sparks in the heart and all wants to have an elegant and modern design luxurious home at affordable rates. Fortunately, you have clicked the right spot. As you will enjoy best home improvement services with Park Avenue Housing Scheme that has to join hands with Musa builders Private Limited to provide luxurious and splendid homes.

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If you have a dream, we have a plan! Get in touch with us through 042-111-409-409 and get the chance to live in your dream community.

The Park Avenue Housing Scheme have co-worked with Times Square Private Limited to construct 500 state-of-the-art modern homes. There are skilled architects working in the field and trying to create the most attractive and unique architectural masterpieces. The labor of Musa builders Private Limited has helped to build the most attractive and futuristic houses.


We also discuss the needs of the property holders with them and provide house improvement plans for a better lifestyle. These plans include renovation of interiors, exteriors, and the addition of stories and backyards. These plans are offered to the property holders at the time of buying the property so the clients can easily decide the best location of their dream home and add desired features to it. Addition of attic and basements are optional. The clients can give us a plan of their dream home and Park Avenue in collaboration with Musa builders will work enthusiastically to convert your dream into a reality.

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