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March 26, 2020by Usman S. Sheikh0

Possession in PAHS

It is said that your home is the place where your heart belongs.  Owning one’s own house is the dream for every person on the planet. But getting the house at an ideal location and exceptional infrastructure within it is the illusion of perfect shelter. Hence to make this quest of yours for a good land come to an end, PAHS brings to you the land possessions at the ideal locations and perfect surroundings too. 

Steps to apply for the possessions in PAHS:

Park avenue housing scheme proudly presents its best plots of 5 and 10 marla plots in the best location in the city. In order to own the plots in PAHS,  you need to follow these few steps to own a dreamland. You will follow them sequentially and the land will be yours. 

First of all, you will have to fill an application request form either computerized or handwritten. You have to read it carefully and fill it. This is the form of plot possession that will require basic information. Hence, it is going to be the first step for you. 

Application verifications and afterward:

As soon as you get the application submitted, you will get a call from the members of the concerned department of the Park Avenue Housing scheme. This is going to be a verification call. In order to inform and verify it for you. To tell you that the application submission was absolutely successful. Afterward, just when the applicant receives a verification call, he can apply for an OnSite plan. He can also apply for the demarcation of the land.

Then, a house map is built in compliance with the building by-laws of the Lahore Development Authority. Hence in order to let you make a house map of your own likings, PAHS will send you the book of by-laws by LDA. So you can design the map of your personal desire while considering the law and orders. ,

Architect Services:

Just the moment the applicant finishes planning the map following the laws, he gets an architect’s services. He can have an independent architect. We also provide Park Avenue Housing Scheme’s registered professional architects. Hence, the architect will provide you with the services in accordance with the by-laws defined by LDA. This way you will be able to make the right and legal map design.

Map Approval Fee:

Just the moment you submit your map, you are supposed to pay your map approval fee. Hence, this way, your map design will be considered and analyzed. And if it abides by all the rules and laws. It gets approve.

Eventually, following a convenient series of steps and rules, you get the land of your own desire. So get the best possible real estate services. Contact us as soon as possible!

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